Do you own a business that needs an “HR” management or “CRM” Management or “Accounting” Management system in WordPress?

— Get WP ERP today!—

If anyone of the above is true for you then this post gonna help you a lot !!!

Let me introduce “WP ERP” plugin by weDevs for WordPress.

It has three main modules: a) HR Management, b)CRM Management, c) Accounting.

Among these three modules, you can use “HR Management” module to manage your employees quite easily!
Let me show you how …











By “HR Management” you can:

=> Add employees

=> Add different departments, designations and assign employees

=> Create different leave policies (i.e general, medical, casual etc.)

=> Manage leave requests came from employees (Approve/Disapprove)

No matter how much employees you have,
it’s hundred or thousand doesn’t matter !!!
By “CRM Management” you can:

=> Add new contacts

=> Add new company

=> Create contacts group

=> Send E-mail, create schedules, communicate with contacts & much more!

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Need any help or need to develop a complete ERP system in WordPress to handle your company or employees? No worries.

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